The Adventures of Enzo
The Adventures of Enzo
All About Enzo

Enzo, the hero

Enzo is a small character with one lone hair on his head, drawn by the English illustrator Sarah Bainton. His fine features hearken to those of a puppet. In 2009, Sarah's "Baby Star" became Sonia's little "Enzo." After several years, Sarah Bainton sold her drawing copyrights for "Baby Star" to Laurent Colasse.

Enzo was born under the eye of Mr. Taurus. This first encounter started a great adventure. Enzo lives with a star above his head. Each story ends with a saying or an expression to sum up the story. The stories and the illustrations are modest, in celebration of life's simplicity. The character of Enzo travels through several stories about different themes: living, drinking, eating, breathing, loving, creating, cultivating, freedom, cultures, seasons, weather and so many others...

In 2011, teachers translated the tales into several languages for everyone's reading pleasure. Readers around the world can now discover the French language as well as enrich their native tongue. Enzo will also be seen as a character in the accessories world in response to the demands of his admirers, but mostly to share the message that we all live under a lucky star and we must each find our path.