The Adventures of Enzo
The Adventures of Enzo
The Team Behind Enzo

Laurent Colasse, le createur
Laurent Colasse, The Founder

Laurent Colasse was born in Nantes, France. He had been the CEO of his company for four years when, in 2001, he found himself captivated by a little character named "Baby Star" embroidered on children's clothing. Laurent decided to contact the creator of this clothing line, Sarah Bainton. His dream was to bring these characters to life in stories for children. In 2007, Laurent met Sonia. This serendipitous encounter allowed them to begin the project he had so long been waiting to start.

For Laurent, it was clear that the combination of Sarah Bainton’s artistic world and Sonia’s talent with words was a recipe for success. When Sonia wrote a story in keeping with Sarah’s first drawings, "Baby Star" took on a new name: "Enzo"! Soon after, Laurent and his wife founded a publishing company as the stories continue to be translated into different languages.

Sonia Colasse, l'auteur
Sonia Colasse, The Author

Originally from Brittany, France, Sonia Colasse began writing poetry at nine years old when she lived in Normandy. She has always loved her pen, paper, and wordplays. A songwriter at first, Sonia began writing stories after she met her husband Laurent in 2007. Under the charm of Laurent’s vision, she wrote her first story in 2009, following the birth of their son Enzo.

Inspired by some of Sarah Bainton's drawings, the birth of Enzo, and hope for the future, Sonia’s pen flowed freely. "Each story tells an adventure my son has experienced or a tale from my own imagination. I started with the theme of astrological signs without talking about astrology. The stories were born, each concluding with a simple life lesson.”

Sonia and Laurent are the parents of four children, one of them being their own. Sonia's Blog

Sarah Bainton, l'illustratrice
Sarah Bainton, The Illustrator

Sarah Bainton was born in Nottingham, England. She spent twenty years in the creation and realization of a clothing line through many brands such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Playboy, Mr. Men/Little Mrs., Snoopy and Peanuts. Sarah Bainton now has her own children's clothing line Kushdi.

The idea of creating "Baby Star" came to her upon the arrival of her first child in 1999. Sarah liked to embroider astrological signs along a baby under his star on children's clothes. She enjoyed drawing and keeping a unisex image with a personal sign for each child.

After launching a few ideas through her online marketing and sales, her clothing was discovered by Laurent Colasse. He recognized her drawings were amusing and fun. For many years they kept in touch. Laurent came to Sarah in 2008 to discuss the project "Enzo / Baby Star". The idea of further working with the small character was very attractive to her. Sarah feels that her little character has flourished through the writings of Sonia Colasse, Laurent's wife.

Today Sarah is the illustrator for the Adventures of Enzo.