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Sonia Colasse is a poet since the young âge of 9 years old, originally from Brittany in France. She likes her pen, paper, playing with letters.

Songwriter, Sonia will wait to meet in 2007 her husband Laurent Colasse to start writing stories which are different from other ones.

Sonia is under the charm of Laurent's concept. She writes her first story in 2009, at the birth of their son Enzo. Sonia starts then several small stories for all the children on earth. Inspired by some of Sarah Bainton's drawings, the birth of her son and the future, she decides to give some precise shape to her texts:

"Each story has been written as a discovery my son has experienced or my own imagination. I started with the theme of the astrological signs without talking about astrology. The stories were born, with a lesson about life in each one. It was so much fun to write that I followed along the adventure".

Laurent and Sonia decide that the universal message must be translated in many languages.
"words are beautiful when they can unite children. This language barrier is sometimes difficult for children as well as parents. My husband and I wanted to give the keys to them both to understand
the other and open doors while dropping the barriers".

This concept becomes Laurent's and Sonia's idea and through their love, a publishing company is added to the stories. This great duo becomes "Solo Infinity".

Sonia and Laurent are the parents of four children, one of them being their own.

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