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  who is enzo?

enzo's birth

Created in 2000, Enzo was first named "Baby Star." He comes as a baby, without a hair on his head, drawn carefully in simple strokes. With him are his friends, the astrological signs!

The illustrator, Sarah Bainton, hails from Great Britain and is a clothing artist. She embroidered this little man onto infant clothing--pajamas, bonnets, bibs, and bath towels.

After several years, "Baby Star" takes the shape of "Enzo," and many encounters bring him and his friends to life in these bilingual stories.

enzo's project

Each one of Enzo’s adventures enables children to discover the French language while enriching the vocabulary of their mother tongue.

The young readers will recognize themselves in Enzo. They will appreciate his adventures because they reflect their feelings and their way of being.

Children will be able to discover the simple values of life--courtesy, respect, sharing...

Each story ends with a French expression—a moral, a saying that summarizes the story.

The simple images and bright colors of Enzo's world will naturally attract children and will quickly capture their attention. They will help children concentrate on the story and understand it easier.

The child will be able to identify him or herself naturally as Enzo and create strong affective bonds with him and his many friends.

Enzo will soon appear in the world of accessories in response to the requests of his admirers so that the message that ‘we all live under a lucky star’ will spread around the world. Let us use our star wisely to make this world a better place for everyone!

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